Sensing a need for religious communities to find good vocations, we began building exclusive youth programs for various communities in India. Then, we realized that vocation directors needed promotion efforts to find individual candidates. We supported communities to promote their vocation in our programs. Later, we realized that vocation directors of smaller communities needed a follow-up program for these candidates. So a system of newsletters and a social media outreach program was developed. Today, we serve more communities every year with this service. The Come & See Vocation Promotion Program is always being enhanced and improved. (For those who already have a follow-up program in place, we also have a Vocation Lead Generation Program, which involves only finding names for your program.) We find names of qualified candidates. Thus, over the years, we have adapted our skills and systems to include finding and developing memberships for non-profit organizations.




While other vocation services provide names of candidates drawn from a shared database, WAYVOC finds people whose names are yours – they are not given to any other community. We also follow up and develop these candidates.

We at Vocation Promotion are motivated by Vatican II’s encouragement to use the “modern means of communications” to promote the Gospel. Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican have repeatedly encouraged the Church to use the internet in the Church’s mission. That is what we are all about, as applied to vocations.




WAYVOC is a project of Amigo Initiatives Pvt. Ltd., Giby Joseph is its founder and president. Now Mr. Giby Joseph working as the National secretary of Popes Worldwide Prayer network and National coordinator for Eucharistic Youth Movement. He is the founder and chairman of Companion of Christ charitable Trust ( a lay missionary community which works and promote direct evangelization)

Mr. Giby has worked for more than 20 years in the Catholic apostolate, in the fields of  Charismatic preaching, Evangelization Training , Missionary Orientation  and helped enough communities in their vocations work. He has a keen eye for not only the ability to promote a community’s charism on the internet, but also has a first-hand knowledge of everyday life in a Catholic community. Thus he is well suited to help promote the vocations of such communities.