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WayVoc is A guide to vocation for catholic men and women

Wayvoc will help you to find your perfect vocation in the Catholic Church community. We helped a Lot of people for there Spiritual Growth by connecting them with there perfect matching Vocation congregation. The best Guide to Vocation for catholic men and women. We began developing unique youth programmes for several communities in India after noticing a need for religious communities to identify excellent vocations. Then we discovered that vocation directors needed to make promotional efforts in order to find certain individuals. In our programmes, we assisted communities in promoting their vocation. We later recognised that smaller community vocation directors needed a follow-up programme for these individuals. As a result, a newsletter system and a social media outreach programme were created. Every year, we serve more communities with this service. The Come & See Vocation Promotion Program is always evolving and improving. (Those who already have a follow-up programme in place can use our Vocation Lead Generation Program, which entails merely finding names for your programme.)